The new OLDSEED-Record is out! And i am proud to see my self-burning-skelleton-man on the vinyl-cover!
Order your personal copy by writing to:


There will be a tour through europe this spring. Check out the latest news HERE!


Cozy Winterholidays to everyone!


One out a series of several pieces i created for the "MIXTAPE-book" a couple of years ago.
For almost half a year i was working on these images inspired by a song of Nick Talbot aka GRAVENHURST called "Down River". You can have a look on some more of these paintings further down this blog.

This month Nick Talbot died - far too early - at the age of 37. His beautiful music will remain. Farewell, farewell!


Some lino-print i did already in spring for fantastic non-bearded songwriting-legend OLDSEED. Stay tuned...


Poster for some awesome Rockshow again...


The new DROPS-Issue is out! And i am part of it! The topic was "Anatomie". 16 silkscreenprinted 1-page-comic-sheets inside of an extraordinary designed folder. Featuring drawing-professionals like Max Baitinger, Lea Heinrich, James Turek, Anna Hainich, Michel Esselsbrügge and many more awesome artists. Get your copy HERE !