Today I dreamed that I could move things with my mind, and I built my house.

Painting for the BOOK OF DREAMS - a project of Roger Omar, who collects dreams of kids from all over the world and asks artists to illustrate them.


I did the cover-design for the #4-issue of DIE BATTERIE, a nice comic-fanzine which is all about "dinosaurs" this time. My electrified skeletton was silkscreened by the Batterie-Crew in 2 variations of colors.


His big search has finally led Reprobus to Poland! I am very proud to have my book now published there by the great KULTURA GNIEWU.


Poster for the upcoming RAINBOW-Hangout at Wärmehalle Süd together with Jacob Faurholt. This Event is part of the supercool-DIY-comic+graphics-festival "The Millionaires Club" that will take place at the Galerie KUB next weekend in South of LeipzigCity. RAINBOW will also have a booth there. Check it out!
Together with my friend CeVau i designed and printed the Posters for our RAINBOW-shows at Wärmehalle Süd/Leipzig and Rotopol/Kassel. Crossing fingers for the crew...


The UXX-Enterprise-Poster is finally printed! Its a wild mixture of illustration and infographic-elements - all about the processes of "user experience development". I learned a lot and it was great fun drawing it! Thanks for the fantastic cooperation CHILLI MIND!


Coverillustration for the actual issue of "WERDE" - the new magazine of antroposophic pharmacompany WELEDA. Topic was "become an artist"...