working on new stuff. stay tuned...


...And finally: The silkscreenprint-version of the MELVINS poster. cyan, purpleish magenta and black on lemon-yellow 250g-paper. You can order one by contacting me via FB or mail@markusfaerber.de


Recently finished the second MELVINS POSTER in one year! This allmighty band is playing again at the most beautiful venue of Leipzig: UT Connewitz. Last year was amazing and now again looking so so forward to this...


The last months i was on tour with HOLOB as a music project. Together with the band "Famous in Suwalki" i released a split-MC on gaffas-del-gigor-records which i designed and risoprinted in 3 colors. Theres a download code and a mini-poster inside and it can be ordered via the holob-bandcamp-site.


Finally KLEBSTOFF #9 was released these days by wildsmile studios Dresden! Various visual artists on 48 pages full of STICKERS STICKERS STICKERS!!! I am proud to be featured at the very start of that awesome magazine... Check it out NOW!


I did a one-page-comic for the September issue of the german newspaper Le Monde Diplomatique!


RADIKAL HOLOB is over now. Thanks for this amazing weekend!